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General Dentistry
in Windermere & Winter Garden, Florida

A healthy, beautiful smile starts here at Horizon West Dentistry! For general dentistry in Windermere and Winter Garden, Florida, call our office today.

General Dentistry in Windermere, Florida

Our teeth and gums require regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure that they stay comfortable and disease free. We offer comprehensive general dentistry to help our patients enjoy optimum oral health and a beautiful smile. Schedule your next visit today!

At Horizon West Dentistry, we strive to prevent dental conditions whenever possible. With regular dental exams, cleanings, and X-rays, we can often detect dental conditions in their earliest stages before they pose a serious risk to your smile. Here’s what you can expect

  • A comprehensive dental exam will evaluate the health of each tooth as well as look for signs of periodontal (gum) disease. If we find anything that requires treatment, we will let you know right away.
  • Our dental cleanings are designed to keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy as well as give you a strong and beautiful smile.
  • Dental X-rays assist us in the diagnosis of conditions that are not visible through a visual exam alone. This can include dental decay, infection, bone levels, and certain types of cysts and tumors.
  • Our team performs oral cancer screenings to check for signs of cancerous and precancerous conditions.
  • To check your teeth for signs of decay, we use the DIAGNODent digital cavity detection system.

Restorative Dentistry

Whether you require a dental filling, crown, or dental bonding, we are here to repair your teeth, which protects them and can extend comfortable function.

  • Tooth-colored fillings are used to repair a tooth after removing decay without the need for silver, gold, or other metals.
  • Crowns protect and stabilize a cracked or deeply decayed tooth.
  • Bonding can fill in small chips and narrow gaps in teeth for cosmetic purposes or to prevent stains or decay.

Tooth-Replacement Options

Saving your natural teeth is a priority for us, but sometimes removing a tooth is necessary to relieve your symptoms and protect your health or because restoration is not possible. Having a gap in your smile, however, is not ideal either for your appearance or for chewing and speaking comfortably.

We offer the following tooth replacement options:

  • Removable dentures: For patients who have suffered partial or complete tooth loss. We offer partial or full dentures, depending on your needs.
  • Fixed dentures: These are dentures that are anchored to the jaw using dental implants. They offer a permanent and stable tooth loss solution.
  • Denture stabilization: For patients who already have dentures, we can retrofit the denture with special attachments that can be anchored to dental implants.

Further Reading:

American Dental Association: General Dentistry

See Real Patient Reviews
in Windermere & Winter Garden

Holly R.
Horizon West Dentistry, dental office review
dental office 5 star review

Holly R.

HIGHLY recommend HWD! The entire staff is friendly, the office is beautiful, and Dr. Roperia was so knowledgeable and thorough. I’m so tentative when choosing a dentist, and I can honestly say that this is the best dental experience I have ever had!
Edna G.
Horizon West Dentistry, dental office review
dental office 5 star review

Edna G.

The dental office is new and beautiful, which makes you feel comfortable and welcome. I had a procedure done, which helped discover a serious issue that my previous dental office of 8 years didn’t address. Dr. Roperia was kind and understanding of me being nervous and immediately put me at ease. I’m very excited about our future together!
Becca H.
Horizon West Dentistry, dental office review
dental office 5 star review

Becca H.

Wonderful staff! They really seem to care about you as their patient, not feeling like just another face. Dr. Roperia is so pleasant and makes you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend making this your dentist!
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Priyanka Roperia, DMD, dentist in Windermere, FL
We provide comprehensive, high-quality dental care designed to meet your needs in a relaxed atmosphere.

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